ETHELTON : 08 8449 8173
HECTORVILLE : 08 7226 0220

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Baked oasis
Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, tucked in the back streets of Ethelton, is a glam little bakery called the Red Mill Bakehouse, serving smart pies, pasties, cakes and, yes,
coffee. A nice place to stop and watch the world go by.
the red mill bakehouse, 139 Bower Rd, Ethelton, phone 84498173.

About the Author: the red mill bakehouse

The red mill bakehouse is a purveyor of fine foods & provides a unique contemporary and rustic environment from its expose to its show of art. We have each been greatly influenced by our travels across the world and have adapted what we have learnt into our culture and environment helping achieve a reputation for providing high quality products with exceptional customer service.

coffee at the red mill bakehouse


Port Adelaide Football Club

The Port Adelaide Football Club is an Australian rules football club based in Alberton, South Australia, which plays in the Australian Football League and the South Australian National Football League.

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