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Our Story: the red mill bakehouse

Our Story Behind: The Red Mill Bakehouse…
Follow the aromas to the red mill bakehouse and be prepared to be seduced by the sweet smells of freshly baked products. Established in 2006 by husband and wife, Buddy and Sylvia Denison and our sister Dianne Diakou, together we have created a company that thrives on great core family values. Our three driving forces have collectively injected a huge dose of inspiration through our passion and love for our loving bakehouse that has helped transform this business into something unique and rather special, even if we do say so ourselves!

We, together with our ever growing motivated team of little elves have decided to extend our love to Hectorville where the second shop is now open. We are very fortunate to have a team of people that have an immense amount of talent and passion to help create the speciality items in which we carry. We started off a family of three stepping into this adventure, we have managed to embrace a whole new kind of family and we love it!

The red mill bakehouse is a purveyor of fine foods & provides a unique contemporary and rustic environment from its expose to its show of art. We have each been greatly influenced by our travels across the world and have adapted what we have learnt into our culture and environment helping achieve a reputation for providing high quality products with exceptional customer service.

It is now time to be brutally honest, we are coffee snobs. We love great espresso coffee and if it’s not a perfect cup you won’t see it. We do our absolute best to achieve the best grind and the best pour every single time. Our beautiful baristas make a fierce coffee made with love, care and attention with some beautiful latte art to complement each coffee.

Our story is a great one and it is certainly easy to be memorized by what we do, because what we do is great – every time!


Mission Statement @ The Red Mill Bakehouse

It takes great skill and care to achieve what we do on a daily basis. Here at the red mill bakehouse we are wholly committed to the craft of baking and the dexterity of the foam and finishing of the perfect coffee. We have been trained long and hard to be able to serve you a magnificent coffee every single time!

Mission Statement
The red mill bakehouse will create a thriving company based around core family values to provide a unique place where customers can socialise in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Exceptional customer service is at the core of all we do, whilst providing consistently quality, fresh and tasty food for our customers every day.

Key Values
Excellence – to strive towards best practice in everything we do to be the best that we can be
Integrity – act with honesty and sincerity in all that we do
Community commitment – reaching out to our communities, and bringing together our employees and customers
Respect – acknowledging the values, beliefs and contributions and everyone within our Company
Innovative – welcoming and embracing all opportunities and ideas
Customer Service – consistently providing good service to our customers


Our Team

Our team is truly unique with diverse interests built up a variety of cultures, including Greek, British, German, Russian, Italian and the list goes on… We do however have one thing in common which is the core of all we do. We live for great coffee and we hope you enjoy every cup just as much as we do!

Sylvia Denison – Director — Sylvia has been one of the owners of the bakery since the red mill bakehouse first opened its doors in 2006. Sylvia is a little bit of a work enthusiast and on the rare occasion she is not working in the store or in her office you can guarantee the other place she will be is out having lunch, an absolute socialite. Sylvia is hands on in the day to day operations of the red mill bakehouse and is chief quality control across all departments. However, there is only one thought that goes through any member of staffs head as she walks through the door, get her picollo ready!

Buddy Denison – Director — Buddy has also been one of the owners of the bakery since the red mill bakehouse first opened its doors in 2006. Buddy has worked in the baking industry for many years now and is an absolute food enthusiast. He is not always in store but is always developing ideas for the business he is ever so passionate about. If you are interested in the red mill bakehouse (or Aston Martins) or just want a good gossip Buddy will be sure to invite you over for a coffee and a chin wag.

Diane Diakou – Director — Dianne is the third and final owner of the red mill bakehouse. With her fine Greek cooking you will be sure to be excited when she walks in with a tub of food. Dianne is in the store almost everyday and when she isn’t she will be with her family and her new little grandchild (who is adorable)! She has an eye for detail and has worked in the restaurant/café business for best part of her life. Dianne is a trooper and considered the mother figure at the red mill bakehouse by all the staff accompanied by Bill, her husband who is the quietest man but definitely one of the fixtures of the red mill bakehouse.

coffee at the red mill bakehouse


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